Ole Bardahl started the Bardahl Manufacturing Company in Seattle, Washington on September 12th, 1939 and sometime later established a permanent presence north of the border with what is now Auto-Moto Canada Inc., Exclusive Bardahl distributor in Canada.

Over the years, Bardahl increased its global presence and can now be found in more than 85 countries throughout the world. There is no better truism than, World Famous Bardahl.

The goal of the Company then and now has been to provide to all types of industry, superior specialty lubricants, than those currently available. This would eventually include many fuel additives for gas, diesel and propane powered vehicles.

The machines of industry would benefit from the superior lubrication of Bardahl's Polar Attraction Formula through the reduction of friction, wear and heat, the natural enemies of all mechanisms which require lubrication.

Throughout the years Bardahl became involved in all types of racing to serve as a proving ground for its products, along with valuable Research and Development into new technologies. This would include Unlimited Hydroplanes, Offshore Powerboats, Unlimited Airplane Racing, FORMULA-1 cars, INDY cars and CART Racing, NASCAR, Motorcycle and Snowmobile racing to name a few.

Over 60 years experience coupled with innovative technology and sound business solutions has helped Bardahl expand its product line to include more than 250 different products, of which some are recognised as the industry benchmark for engine oils, motor oil and fuel additives and speciatly lubricants.

Bardahl has become known as the global leader that has something good to offer its customers through innovative chemistry and unique additive packages for both fuels and lubricants. Bardahl has positioned itself as a conservative marketer who will be there for the next millenium. Honesty and integrity have moulded the Company as one being never too loud and never having one single product litigated against or having someone question its product claims.

New things are happening all the time in our industry and in our ever-changing world, therefore as an industry leader, Bardahl will strive to deliver the right environmentally correct product with its associated services on an ongoing basis.

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